Welcome to Dominion

Dominion Enterprise is a leading trading enterprise, functioning as a Dealer, Stockiest and Supplier of Industrial, Automobile, Construction Related Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing and misc. materials.

Future Beckons, DOMINION ENTERPRISE takes a leap ahead!

Anis T. G, the Founder of the Company is a Bachelors in Commerce, from the University of Calcutta. Although passionate about making a career in teaching, he opted instead to create a life full of learnings and challenges for himself by starting Dominion Enterprise in 1970’s. Known for his dedication to work, quality and customer enrichment, he is respected for his strong work-ethics among friends.Apart from being a philatelist, he devours books and keeps abreast with the current affairs, when whiling away his free time. Spending time with his close peer and yoga together rejuvenate his soul. His humble nature and work ethics are a source of inspiration for his employees and family, friends, and competitors alike.


General Manager

Ali Asgar, the General Manager, a P.G.D.M in Finance from St. Josephs, Bangalore, came in the business in one of its landmark year, from where a new change triggered for Dominion Enterprise. An athlete at heart, he embraces competition by setting targets an achieving them. In his present job description, he shares not only the overall responsibility of business development but also maneuvers Finance, Purchase & Marketing divisions of the Company.Indulging in sports and to gourmet the latest news is a favourite pastime. He compensates scarce speech with his actions. Known for his crisp manners, he is often seen jeweled by a gentle smile that softens his businesslike demeanor.

Reach him at aliasgar@dominionenterprise.in

Assistant Manager

Huzefa,the Asst. Manager, a MSc. in Media Management from Stirling University, Scotland is the new Game Changer in the Dominion portfolio. Having interned at blooming media agencies, he has aspirations to change the overall marketing strategy at Dominion by applying best practices learnt from his previous experiences.A fellow with a friendly disposition, Huzefa is on his way to create a new benchmark in the timeline of the Company.